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If you have a question relating to one of my designs in my Zazzle store, please contact me via the Blue Message Button which you will see in the banner of my Zazzle home page here
I will be pleased to help if you need matching items, or amends to the design itself. Alternatively you can contact a Zazzle Live designer to assist 

I simply do the designs and use the Zazzle platform to sell my designs on their amazing range of products. Zazzle themselves handle all orders through from printing to shipping, so if you have any questions relating to the production of your order in any way please contact the Zazzle customer service team here if you live in the USA or here if you live in the UK, Australia, New Zealand or Canada  and they will be happy to help you. I am not employed by Zazzle and therefore am not personally allowed access to your order or edits. 

You may also find this link helpful Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in my designs. Your support means so much to me.


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Fotografixgal Designs for wall art and home decor
gifts and cards, wedding stationery, holiday cards and invitations.
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