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Embrace Your Inner Free Spirit: 20 Boho Names and Their Meanings!

Bohemian names have been popular for many years. Parents love these unique and free-spirited monikers for their children. They are often inspired by nature, spirituality, and creativity, and they have a certain mystical and ethereal quality to them.Some of the most popular boho names over the years include:

  1. Aurora - meaning "dawn"

  2. Clementine - meaning "mild, merciful"

  3. Daphne - meaning "laurel tree"

  4. Ember - meaning "spark"

  5. Freya - meaning "goddess of love, beauty, and fertility"

  6. Gaia - meaning "earth goddess"

  7. Hazel - meaning "hazel tree"

  8. Indigo - meaning "dark blue"

  9. Jasper - meaning "spotted or speckled stone"

  10. Juniper - meaning "evergreen shrub"

  11. Luna - meaning "moon"

  12. Klara - meaning "clear and bright"

  13. Meadow - meaning "field of grass"

  14. Orion - meaning "hunter"

  15. Phoenix - meaning "mythical bird that rose from the ashes"

  16. River - meaning "flowing body of water"

  17. Sage - meaning "wise one"

  18. Sierra - meaning "mountain range"

  19. Willow - meaning "slender and graceful tree"

  20. Zephyr - meaning "west wind"

Whether you're searching for a unique name for your little bundle of joy or you simply love bohemian style, these names are sure to inspire you and add a touch of creative flair to your baby's name.

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