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No doubt that once October comes around, Christmas is suddenly very much on the horizon and seems to be here before we know it! Yikes! All those pressies to sort .....

In the past, I’d always been a bit of a “wait until December” type of Christmas shopper, as I do like to feel Christmassy when out (or in) doing Christmas shopping and to get in the zone with carols and festive songs playing in the shops, and Christmas lights and markets lining the high streets. Like, the magic only happens once December begins.

However, since I’ve had my Zazzle store, I’ve had to put my Christmas hat on much sooner. Generally, I start adding my new festive designs from late June. It used to feel quite strange thinking about Christmas in the summer, but I’m more used to it now, and it’s good to have things ready for when the main shopping season starts. And gets me thinking nice and early about my own gift list too.

I love that Zazzle have so many unique gift ideas. It can be so tricky can’t it, deciding what to buy everyone and finding pressies that are a little bit special and different. I often find myself going round in circles – whether it's wandering aimlessly round the shops or searching online for that perfect gift. We can be spoilt for choice too which can be a bit overwhelming!

So, my thinking behind this post is to point you in the direction of some of the new products and collections in my store and hopefully give you some inspiration and ideas to help you on your way! Just to mention these are affiliate links and as such I may earn a commission shold you subsequently buy at no extra cost to yourselves.

Keep an eye open for Zazzle’s sales too. These links to the UK site or the US Site will keep you right up to date with the latest discounts. You can pick up some great bargains, sometimes with up to 50% off some items!

Christmas Cards

Zazzle have a lot of card options for your festive greetings, and in various sizes too – from the traditional folded, to popular flat cards, either rectangular or contemporary square.This year I’ve also introduced a Budget price range of flat cards into my Christmas collections, as well as some cute MINI size ones.


1st Christmas cards and gift collections

Are you celebrating your Baby’s First Christmas, or your First Married Christmas? Zazzle is renowned for its ease of personalization, so these designs you simply change to your name and replace the sample photos with your own.


Fun Christmas Collections

It’s not been the easiest couple of years for us all that’s for sure, so a touch of humor with your festive greetings is sure to be welcome! These collections you can easily add your name and greeting, as well as photo on some.

or blame it on the dog ... or cat, maybe!

maybe some cuteness ...


Nativity and Christmas Carol Collections

With lyrics from our favorite carols, and nativity scenes...


Modern Contemporary Collections

Minimalist style simple elegance.


When a single word says it all

Inspiring and meaningful.


Or when you want to throw in a newsletter of your year

These clever trifold cards incorporate your newsletter and greetings card all in one!


Christmas Cards for your business with your Logo

Perfect for small and large companies, and on some, you can even include a fun festve photo of your employees if you wish!


Individual Recipient name and Address Sheets and other mailing supplies

I used to find it such a chore handwriting all those Christmas card envelopes, and my writing got more and more scribbly and dare I say almost illegible by the time I got to the end! I know for some handwriting them is an enjoyable part of the festive tradition, but, in case not, these handy individual sheets of names and addresses will definitely make light work of it! Perfect for your party invites too. You'll also find them in some of the card collections to coordinate with the various designs, as well as your own return name and address labels and rubber stamps.


Personalised Christmas Gift Stickers

Easily change the name of each sticker on the sheet so you have them ready to simply stick on your gifts


Christmas and New Year parties

After the very low key Christmas’s and virtual Zoom get togethers we had last Christmas, this year it’s nice we can be together in person again. You may even want to celebrate with a party for the holiday or New Year’s Eve. Here’s some collections from glitter to contemporary, not forgetting coordinating plates and welcome signs and banners!


Tree Ornaments

We love to buy at least one new ornament for our tree each year. Especially good when you have something to commemorate like your First Christmas as parents or grandparents; your First Married Christmas or your baby’s First Christmas. Lovely keepsakes for Christmas’s to come too and lovely gifts for close family too!


Personalised Gifts

Again, great to celebrate new babies and first Christmas as Mr and Mrs, as well as gifts for the grandparents, from pillows to mugs and more. Easy to personalise with your recipients’ name or treasured pictures of the family.


Phew!! That's a lot of collections - hopefully something caught your eye! There's plenty more to see in store too!!

Oh, and on the subject of personalization … if it’s not for you, and you prefer not to have a name or initials on your item, simply delete any text that you don’t require.

Also, another of the joys of Zazzle is that, in a lot of cases, you can even change background and text colors to suit your own requirements, such as match your décor, via the customize further option. You can even use a particular color hex number if you know it, or use the color dropper to pick any color you like from within the design. If you’re not familiar with the designer tool and need any help with making changes, there’s a message button on my home page of my Zazzle store, so feel free to message if needs be!

Hopefully this has helped inspire you and given you some fresh ideas that you may not have thought of otherwise.

Wishing you happy shopping !


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